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At Primethorpe Paving we pride ourselves on being the UK’s leading paving and accessory supplier to both domestic and business customers. We are direct importers and always take delivery of our stock to our Peterborough depot rather then sell from a port warehouse.  We purchase the highest grade and thickest quality paving in the knowledge that you the customer will receive the finest Indian paving available. We also offer our customers the chance to purchase the exact amount they require to the nearest the sqm, we don’t operate on a full box only policy like most suppliers.

Within our stock we have a large range of distinctive paving colours, textures, and sizes suitable for any urban, residential, traditional or contemporary environment. All our stone, paving and related products are ethically sourced and our paving is only cut in the EASY LAY 60′s series. These sizes are perfect for DIY enfusiasts as they are all multiples of 60cm, making for easier patio installation and creative laying designs. Unlike the 56 series out there that has no consistant mulitple.

Our Paving is available in the standard 25mm to 40mm or calibrated 22mm, In the last few years we have noticed more and more suppliers of this product are now calling the Standard 25mm to 40mm Premium Paving and thin 18mm to 25mm Standard paving. Please be advised that there is a lot of thin paving on the market at the moment advertised at 20mm to 30mm but actually having some slabs as thin as 10mm and the majority at just 20mm. Paving thickness is very important to us and as a result we do not stock any thin paving. We import the best to sell the best, always remember the bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.

At Primethorpe Paving we can offer a collection service from our depot in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire as well as a local delivery service using our own transport, we also offer the option of nationwide delivery and have been succesfully sending stock across the UK for the last 4 years

Please feel free to browse the large selection of products we have available, if you having any questions or require further information then please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

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